List: Buddhism

Words and expressions used in Buddhism, a religion widely extended in Japan.

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阿弥陀  あみだ amida


  • Amitabha (Buddha), Amida
  • ghostleg lottery, ladder lottery, lottery in which participants trace a line across a lattice pattern to determine the winner
  • wearing a hat pushed back on one's head

愛  あい ai

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  • love, affection, care
  • attachment, craving, desire
  • agape (Christian love)
  • Ireland

愛楽  あいぎょう aigyou

  • seeking after (Buddhist teachings, etc.), wanting, desiring
  • loving

悪魔  あくま akuma

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  • devil, demon, fiend
  • Satan, the Devil
  • Māra, evil spirits or forces that hinder one's path to enlightenment

以心伝心  いしんでんしん ishindenshin


  • telepathy, tacit understanding, thought transference, communion of mind with mind
  • non-verbal Zen Buddhist transmission to a disciple of the central tenets of Buddhism

意識  いしき ishiki

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  • consciousness
  • becoming aware (of), awareness, sense
  • mano-vijnana (mental consciousness, cognizer of sensory information)

意馬心猿  いばしんえん ibashinen

  • it is hard to keep one's worldly desires and passions in check

衣鉢  いはつ ihatsu

  • mysteries of one's master's art
  • robes and a bowl (monk's key possessions auctioned off at his funeral), transmission of the dharma from master to disciple (in Zen)

一念  いちねん ichinen


  • determined purpose
  • an incredibly short span of time (i.e. the time occupied by a single thought)
  • a single repetition of a prayer (esp. in Jodo-shu)

一味  いちみ ichimi


  • clan, partisans, conspirators, gang, ring, crew
  • participation (e.g. in a plot)
  • one flavour, one charm
  • one ingredient (in traditional Chinese medicine)
  • universality (of the teachings of Buddha)