Jinmeiyō kanji (jōyō variant)16 strokes


Jinmeiyō kanji (jōyō variant)
Jinmeiyō kanji that is a variant of a jōyō kanji #jinmeiyou_joyo
16 strokes
Kanji with 16 strokes #strokes-16


  • On'yomi
  • Kun'yomi
  • Nanori
  • Chinese (pinyin)
  • Korean (hangul)
  • Korean (romanized)
  • Vietnamese


Stroke order

Not available for this kanji.

龍 stroke 1龍 stroke 2龍 stroke 3龍 stroke 4龍 stroke 5龍 stroke 6龍 stroke 7龍 stroke 8龍 stroke 9龍 stroke 10龍 stroke 11龍 stroke 12龍 stroke 13龍 stroke 14龍 stroke 15龍 stroke 16龍 stroke 17
Number of strokes: 16

Components in kanji 龍


Extended information

  • Frequency 1734
  • <p>KANJIDIC Project</p> 2842
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  • <p><em>Halpern</em>'s SKIP (System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns) code</p> 1-9-7
    <p>The descriptor codes for The Kanji Dictionary (Tuttle1996) by <em>Spahn</em> and <em>Hadamitzky</em></p> 5b5.3
    <p>The "Four Corner" code for the kanji. This is a code invented by <em>Wang Chen</em> in 1928</p> 0121.1
  • <p>JIS X 0208-1997 - kuten coding <code>nn-nn</code></p> 1-46-22
    <p>Decimal representation of the UTF16 character</p> 40845