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popular  JLPT N5  noun  noun (generic)  derogatory  usually written using kana alone  noun (prefix) 

  • dog (Canis (lupus) familiaris)
  • squealer, rat, snitch, informer, informant, spy
  • loser, asshole
  • counterfeit, inferior, useless, wasteful

popular  children's language  usually written using kana alone  noun  noun (generic) 

  • dog, doggy, bow-wow

gairaigo  Portuguese origin  Spanish origin  derogatory  noun  noun (generic)  Words related with the cards of hanafuda 

  • bitch, witch, ugly woman, dog
  • 1-point card, junk card

onomatopoeic or mimetic word  adverb taking the ใจ particle  adverb  children's language  noun  noun (generic) 

  • bow-wow, woof, arf, barking
  • wah-wah, bawling, wailing
  • clamouring, clamoring, echoing, loudly
  • dog, doggy, bow-wow

noun  noun (generic) 

  • dog
  • andiron

colloquialism  noun  noun (generic) 

  • dog

popular  JLPT N5  noun  noun (generic) 

  • road, path, street, lane, passage
  • route, way
  • distance, journey
  • road (e.g. to victory), course
  • way (of living, proper conduct, etc.), moral principles
  • teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist), dogma
  • field (e.g. of medicine), subject, speciality
  • means, way, method

popular  JLPT N2  noun  noun (generic)  noun or participle taking the aux. verb ใ™ใ‚‹  sports  slang 

  • back
  • backing (up), going backwards, reversing
  • background, backdrop, background colour (color)
  • backhand
  • backer, supporter
  • refunding
  • backstroke (swimming)
  • doggy style (sexual position)

JLPT N1  ใ„ adjective  adjective (generic) 

  • tenacious, tough, enduring, dogged, headstrong, stubborn, obstinate, unyielding
็‹ฌๆ–ญใฉใใ ใ‚“dokudan

popular  noun  noun (generic)  noun or participle taking the aux. verb ใ™ใ‚‹  noun taking the genitive case particle ใฎ  adjective (generic) 

  • one's own judgement (judgment), decision made without consulting others, arbitrary decision
  • dogmatism