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Readings of the Japanese word.

The word is written in kanji with furigana over each character. There is also the transliteration written in kana (hiragana or katakana) and romaji using the Hepburn method. Some words indicated by the symbol have a computer-generated audio that can be listened to by clicking on it.

Words having multiple readings will be ordered by popularity.

  • (となり)
    となり (tonari)


Translation of the selected word to several languages.

There are cases where a word may have different meanings. In that case all the meanings will be ordered by popularity.

Some translations may have tags associated giving miscellaneous information (grammatical, way of writing, ...). There may also be links to similar or antonym words.

English is the main language for the translations, but some words will also be available in other languages: Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, or Swedish.

  • noun taking the genitive case particle のnoun
    next (to), adjoining, adjacent
    • nounnoun taking the genitive case particle の
      house next door, neighbouring house, next-door neighbour, next-door neighbor
      • hiernaast, naast, ernaast, vlak naast, naburig, naastgelegen, aangrenzend, belendend, aanpalend, aanliggend, adjacent, contigu, buur-
        • porte d'à coté, voisin
          • Nachbarschaft, Nähe, Haus nebenan, Platz nebenan, der nächste Platz, Ort nebenan, nebenan, benachbart
            • közel, majdnem, szinte
              • соседний, соседний; соседский, по соседству; поблизости; рядом, соседний дом; сосед, {~の} соседний; соседский, {~に} по соседству; поблизости; рядом
                • bližnji, sosednji
                  • vecino, al lado (esp. viviendo en la casa de a lado)
                    • bredvid, granne

                      Position expressions in Japanese

                      Location words in Japanese

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                      Kanji in this word

                      Analysis of the kanji ideograms forming the word.

                      Clicking on the kanji will get you to the kanji information page, with more information like the onyomi and kunyomi, or the order on how to write it.

                      • 16 strokes


                      Example sentences

                      Sentences from the Tatoeba Corpus project using the word in context.

                      The Japanese sentence, the sentence analysis, and the English translation are always included. Using the sentence analysis is possible to learn how the sentence is constructed and every single word can be examined one by one.

                      In some cases translation to other languages can also be included. Quality of the translation may vary and it's included for reference only.

                      • Japanese sentence


                        Sentence analysis

                        Mr Jordan sat down beside him.

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