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Words commonly used in modern Japanese #popular
noun (common) (futsuumeishi) #n
noun (generic)
All kinds of Japanese nouns #noun
noun taking the genitive case particle の
Nouns that can be converted into genitive case using the particle の. #adj-no
adjective (generic)
All kinds of Japanese adjectives #adj
Terms used in law, commonly used by lawyers and judges. #law



    • kwaadwillig, kwaadgezind, kwaadaardig, boosaardig, malicieus, malafide, venijnig, boos, gemeen, hatelijk, haatdragend, vals, wreed, lastig, slechte wil, onwil, kwaadwilligheid, kwaadgezindheid, venijnigheid, animositeit, kwaadaardigheid, boosaardigheid, venijn, kwaad hart, erg, kwade bedoeling, boos opzet, kwade trouw
      • verkeerde, foute betekenis, kwade duiding
        • mauvaise intention
          • Böswilligkeit, Bosheit, Groll, Arglist, böse Absicht, Übelwollen, mala fides
            • mala fides, Arglist
              • böser Glauben
                • rosszakarat, rosszindulat, gyűlölködés
                      • 1) злой умысел, злонамеренность, {~のある} злонамеренный, злостный, {~で} со злым умыслом, {~から}, 悪意あって по злобе, 2) дурной смысл
                          • mala voluntad, malicia, rencor, malevolencia, maldad
                            • mala intención, de mala fe
                              • malicia
                                • intento criminal para engañar

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