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  • ひな()(まつ)()


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Japanese celebrations

Special days, festivities and celebrations in Japan.

Calendar of special days and celebrations in Japan:1

1月1日元日🎍 New Year's Day
2nd Monday of January成人の日👦 Coming of Age Day
2月11日建国記念の日🎌 National Foundation Day
2月14日バレンタインデー💘 Valentine's Day
3月3日雛祭🎎 Hinamatsuri (Doll's Day or Girls' Day)
3月14日ホワイトデー💟 White Day
3月20日~春分の日🌱 Vernal Equinox Day
4月29日昭和の日Shōwa Day (Shōwa Era Emperor Birthday)
5月3日憲法記念日Constitution Memorial Day
5月4日みどりの日🌲 Greenery Day (Nature day)
5月5日こどもの日🎏 Children's Day
Early MayゴールデンウィークGolden Week
3rd Monday of July海の日🌊 Marine Day
7月7日 or 8月7日七夕🎋 Tanabata (Star Festival)
7月15日お盆Obon (Festival of the Dead)
3rd Monday of September敬老の日👴 Respect for the Aged Day
9月23日~秋分の日🍂 Autumnal Equinox Day
2nd Monday of October体育の日🏃 Health and Sports Day
11月3日文化の日📚 Culture Day
11月15日七五三👧 Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three)
11月23日勤労感謝の日💼 Labor Thanksgiving Day
12月23日天皇誕生日The Emperor's Birthday
12月25日クリスマス🎅 Christmas
12月31日大晦日Oomisoka (New Year's Eve)
12月31日 at midnight除夜の鐘🔔 Joya-no-kane (New Year bells)

  1. Dates are expressed in Japanese format: monthday日 


Hinamatsuri is a very special and very old festival.

🎎 Hinamatsuri is also known as Dolls' festival or Girls' Festival. During Hinamatsuri, various dolls representing the Japanese Emperor, the Empress, the attendants and musicians of the Heian period (7th century) are displayed wishing good health for all girls.

Spring - 春

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Spring - 春

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