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The way this word is usually spoken.

The word is written in kana (hiragana or katakana) and the romaji transliteration using the Hepburn method. Some words indicated by the symbol have a computer generated audio that can be listened by clicking on it.

There are words having multiple different pronunciations. In that case they will be ordered by popularity.

  • まる maru


Translation in English of the selected word.

There are cases where a word may have different meanings. In that case all the meanings will be ordered by popularity.

Some translations may have tags associated giving miscellaneous information (grammatical, way of writing, ...). There may also be links to similar or antonym words.

  • noun
    circle (sometimes used for zero)
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  • 'correct' (when marking)
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  • symbol used as a placeholder (either because a number of other words could be used in that position, or because of censorship)
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  • period, full stop
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  • maru mark, semivoiced sound, p-sound
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