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Military terminology often used in the armed forces.

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ä―œæˆĶ さくせん sakusen

popular  JLPT N1  noun  noun (generic)  military 

  • tactics, strategy
  • military operation, naval operation
前į·š ぜんせん zensen

popular  noun  noun (generic)  military  noun taking the genitive case particle ãŪ  adjective (generic) 

  • (weather) front
  • front line, forward area, action zone
į•Šæ‰‹ ばんãĶ bante

popular  noun  noun (generic)  suffix  military  horse racing 

  • (yarn) count
  • nth place (in a race), nth position (in a starting lineup)
  • nth rank (in a battle formation)
  • castle guard
  • second-place horse
įŦ力 かりょく karyoku

popular  noun  noun (generic)  military 

  • heating power, thermal power
  • firepower
舊įй臩衛隊 こうくうじえいたい koukuujieitai

popular  military  noun  noun (generic) 

  • Japan Air Self-Defense Force, JASDF
åĢŦåŪ˜ しかん shikan

popular  military  noun  noun (generic) 

  • officer
čŧé… ぐんばい gunbai

popular  abbreviation  military  noun  noun (generic)  sumo  noun or participle taking the aux. verb する 

  • gourd-shaped war fan
  • referee's fan
  • stratagem, tactics
é™Ģ地 ã˜ã‚“ãĄ jinchi

popular  military  noun  noun (generic) 

  • encampment, position
æˆĶ域 せんいき seniki

popular  military  noun  noun (generic) 

  • war area, battlefield, theater, theatre
野æˆĶ やせん yasen

popular  military  noun  noun (generic) 

  • field battle, field operations, open battle
  • battlefield, battlefront