List: idiomatic expression

Expressions, words, or phrases that have a figurative meaning conventionally understood by native speakers.

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あうんの呼吸  あうんのこきゅう aunnokokyuu

  • the harmonizing, mentally and physically, of two parties engaged in an activity, singing from the same hymn-sheet, dancing to the same beat

嚏  くしゃみ kushami

Popular  JLPT-2 

  • sneeze
  • spoken twice in response to someone sneezing as a charm against an early death

じゃじゃ馬  じゃじゃうま jajauma

  • restive horse
  • unmanageable person (esp. a woman), shrew, stubborn tomboy

トップランナー   toppuranna-

  • first runner (in a relay race)
  • top-class runner
  • vanguard (of a person), front line, cutting edge
  • top runner (system of benchmarking against best-in-class performance)

バトンタッチ   batontacchi


  • passing the baton (in a relay race), baton pass, baton handoff
  • passing the baton, handing over (a job, responsibility over something, etc.)

メスを入れる  メスをいれる mesuwoireru

  • to put the scalpel to, to perform an operation on
  • to take drastic measures to get to the bottom of something, to make a searching inquiry, to put something under the microscope

一人歩き  ひとりあるき hitoriaruki


  • taking on a life of its own (of a rumour, etc.)
  • walking by oneself, talking a walk by oneself
  • walking unaided, being able to walk without help
  • standing on one's own feet, being independent, taking care of oneself

一発かます  いっぱつかます ippatsukamasu

  • to hit (someone) once, to give (somebody) a punch
  • to intimidate (someone)

一泡吹かせる  ひとあわふかせる hitoawafukaseru

  • to give someone a surprise, to catch off guard and fluster, to frustrate (e.g. someone's plans), to give someone a blow, to scare the hell out of

一本やり  いっぽんやり ipponyari

  • guiding principle, single-minded policy
  • one's sole talent
  • single spear