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スベタ   subeta

  • bitch, witch, ugly woman, dog
  • 1-point card, junk card

越年  えつねん etsunen

  • seeing the old year out, greeting the New Year, passing the winter, hibernation
  • playing past the usual 12 rounds in one game

下げる  さげる sageru

Popular  JLPT-4 

  • to hang, to suspend, to wear (e.g. decoration)
  • to lower, to reduce, to bring down
  • to demote, to move back, to pull back
  • to clear (plates), to remove (food, etc. from table or altar)
  • to keep on playing after one has formed a scoring combination with captured cards

花  はな hana

Popular  JLPT-5 

  • flower, blossom, bloom, petal
  • cherry blossom
  • beauty
  • blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms)
  • ikebana
  • hanafuda
  • (the) best
  • glorious, lovely

花札  はなふだ hanafuda

  • hanafuda, flower cards, playing cards consisting of 12 suits of 4 cards, each suit representing a month indicated by a flower

吟味  ぎんみ ginmi

Popular  JLPT-1 

  • close examination, careful investigation, close inspection, careful selection, inquiry, enquiry, scrutiny, testing
  • investigation of a crime, inquiry into someone's guilt
  • winner (of the most rounds, i.e. a full game)
  • reciting and appreciating traditional poetry

光り物  ひかりもの hikarimono

  • luminous body (e.g. of a shooting star)
  • bright metal
  • sliced fish with the silver skin left on (iwashi, aji, sayori, sanma, kohada, etc.)
  • 20-point card, bright, light

三本  さんぼん sanbon


  • three (long cylindrical things)
  • three-of-a-kind (in a dealt hand)

青  あお ao

Popular  JLPT-5 

  • blue, azure
  • green
  • green light (traffic)
  • black (horse coat color)
  • blue 5-point card
  • immature, unripe, young

虫  むし mushi

Popular  JLPT-4 

  • insect, bug, cricket, moth
  • worm, roundworm
  • one's emotions, one's feelings
  • nervousness, fretfulness
  • person devoted to one thing, single-minded person
  • valve core
  • mushi (type of game played with a stripped deck)