List: archaism

Words or expressions no longer current or that are current only within a few special contexts.

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あの人  あのひと anohito


  • he, she, that person
  • you

彼  あれ are

Popular  JLPT-5 

  • that
  • that person
  • over there
  • down there (i.e. one's genitals)
  • period, menses
  • hey, huh?, eh?

おっかない   okkanai


  • frightening, scary
  • extreme, exaggerated, huge

お鍋  おなべ onabe

  • pot
  • typical name for a female servant in the Edo-period
  • working at night
  • female with symptoms of gender identity disorder (e.g. a transvestite)

カッと   kaxtsuto

Popular  JLPT-1 

  • flaring up, burning hotly, suddenly becoming bright
  • flying into a rage, losing one's cool
  • opening suddenly and widely (e.g. eyes, mouth)
  • acting resolutely

がやがや   gayagaya


  • noisily (crowd of people talking), clamorously, in a hubbub, jabberingly, chatteringly, buzzingly
  • loudly (laughing)

屹度  きっと kitto

Popular  JLPT-4 

  • surely, undoubtedly, almost certainly, most likely (e.g. 90 percent)
  • sternly, severely
  • having no slack, rigid, stiff, tight
  • suddenly, abruptly, instantly

さくさく   sakusaku

  • crisp (not moist or juicy), crunchy, flaky (as in pastry)
  • crunching sound (of walking on snow, frost, sand, etc.)
  • doing skillfully and efficiently, doing quickly, proceeding smoothly
  • sound of pouring liquid
  • speaking clearly

其処  そこ soko

Popular  JLPT-5 

  • there (place relatively near listener)
  • there (place just mentioned), that place
  • then (of some incident just spoken of), that (of point just raised)
  • you

其れ  それ sore

Popular  JLPT-5 

  • that, it
  • then, that point (in time), that time
  • there
  • you