Three Great Gardens of Japan

The three most famous gardens in Japan.

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There are three parks considered the Three Great Gardens of Japan

Kenroku-en 【兼六園】

Literal meaning: Six attributes garden

Located in Kanazawa. It was created in 1960 and it's famous for its beauty in each one of the four seasons.

Kōraku-en 【後楽園】

Literal meaning: Enjoying afterwards garden

Located in Okayama. Created in 1687, it contains a central pond with three islands replicating the scenery around Lake Biwa near Kyoto.

Kairaku-en 【偕楽園】

Literal meaning: Park that can be enjoyed together

Located in Mito. Created in 1841, it has a great number of plum trees, being very popular in the plum blossom season, between late February and March.

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