Special foods of Okinawa

Some of the most famous dishes in the Okinawan cuisine.

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Okinawa has a special cuisine very different from the traditional Japanese one. Those are some of the most popular Okinawan dishes:


Popular seaweed snack that looks like little green grapes.

class="img-fluid"Umibudo 海ぶどう
Okinawa Soba

Soup with thick wheat noodles and pork.

class="img-fluid"Okinawa Soba 沖縄そば
Taco Rice

Typical taco ingredients served over rice.

class="img-fluid"Taco Rice タコライス

Stewed pork cubes cooked with sugar and soy sauce.

class="img-fluid"Rafute ラフテー

Pig ears.

class="img-fluid"Mimiga ミミガー

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